Welcome to Shine Rewards!

What is Shine Rewards?

Shine Rewards is an interactive programme for all employees at Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, rewarding you for the behaviours that improve individual and Trust-wide sustainability and wellbeing. You'll compete as part of a team to earn Green Points for your actions. There are a whole range of actions that you can earn points for under different themes, including:

  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Buildings & Land
  • Journeys
  • Purchasing
  • Care
  • People

Each activity has a full description of what you'll need to do to earn Green Points - some will require a submission that you can make through the website or app, whilst others will invite you to report your actions on a weekly basis.

What can I win?

There are loads of prizes available for individuals taking part in Shine Rewards, as well as an annual top prize for the winning team. You'll get the chance to win:

  • One of 2 x £20 vouchers for the top ten performing individuals every month.
  • One of 3 x £10 vouchers in a raffle each month. To enter the raffle, simply record any action through Shine Rewards - even if you just take part in one activity a month, you're in with a chance of winning!
  • If you're a voucher winner you'll get to choose from BoobalouNational Book Tokens, Marks & Spencer and National Garden Gift Vouchers.
  • Every six months we'll award £300 to the top performing teams to donate to one of the charities on our shortlist. You can vote for your favourite charity at any point and the most popular charities among the winning teams will receive their donations.

Get the Shine Rewards app

You can download the free Shine Rewards app for iOS and Android to help you earn rewards on the go!